Rebellious Brides Book #4 coming soon!

Hi everyone!

I’m thrilled to tell you that there will be a fourth book in my Rebellious Brides series.

I don’t have a publication date for The Duke Who Ravished Me yet, but I can tell you this is the story of the decadent Duke of Sunderford, “Sunny,” who makes a memorable appearance in To London With Love, as the orgy-loving duke who spends his days and nights drinking and indulging in all of life’s the pleasures.

This endless party is interrupted by the sudden arrival of the duke’s two young wards and their disapproving nanny. 

Here’s the announcement that appeared in Publisher’s Weekly:


Amazon bestseller!


From London with Love by Diana Quincy

Hi everyone!

How is the summer treating you so far? I’m loving the warm weather and being able to leave the windows open. As long as it doesn’t get too hot, humid and muggy. 

From London with Love is an Amazon bestseller! Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy. 

Here’s a little about the story:

With wedding bells ringing and a killer stalking from the shadows, a former British spy makes up for lost time with the one that got away in this thrilling Regency romance.

Emilia St. George is moments away from marrying the admired grandson of a duke when the man who once jilted her decides to kidnap her at the altar. It’s the second time in five years Hamilton Sparrow has ruined her wedding day, and Emilia isn’t about to forgive him. The mere sight of her ex-fiancé revives painful memories—and, most regrettably, aching desires that refuse to be ignored.

Scanning the guests at Emilia’s wedding, Sparrow spots a familiar face: an assassin he recognizes from his days as a spy in France. Whisking Emilia away, he’s pleasantly surprised by her newly formed curves. Could this be the same flame-haired slip of a girl once promised to Sparrow? And does the fop she still insists on marrying realize what a prize she is? True, Sparrow left Emilia at the altar. But he’s afraid that the only way to right that particular wrong is to risk the one thing he’s always guarded: his heart.

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A hot sale!

Excellent news! My debut book, Seducing Charlotte, about enemies who become lovers, is now on sale for just 99 cents. If you haven’t read Book 1 in my Accidental Peers series, now’s your chance. Here’s the rundown:

From enemies to lovers…

The wealthy and handsome Marquess of Camryn can have any woman he desires, but the charismatic bachelor shocks everyone by falling for the rather prudish Charlotte Livingston—who happens to abhor everything the rising politician and captain of industry represents.

Opposites attract…

When the no-nonsense social campaigner shows zero interest in him, Camryn is even more drawn to her and sets out to seduce the lady’s mind—as well as her body. But as the attraction begins to burn between them, a violent workers’ rebellion rages across England, pitting the two against each other, and leaving their love caught in the crossfire.

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