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Spy Fall_Quincy-2Hi everyone,

I’m so excited that Spy Fall, the first  book in my new Rebellious  Brides series, is now available.

 I’m particularly thrilled because I initially self-published Spy Fall. Luckily, though, the editors at my new publishing home — Penguin Random House — loved it so much, they decided to take the book over.

I can’t wait for more readers to discover this story about a daring parachutist spy and the wicked rogue she accidentally lands on, who wreaks havoc on her mission — and her heart!

You can read the first chapter here.

Also, don’t forget that Seducing Charlotte, the first book in my Accidental Peers series, is on sale now for just $.99.

This story is about a bookish wallflower who attracts the attention of society’s reigning bachelor, but he soon discovers this plain Jane is hiding an explosive secret. You can buy Seducing Charlotte here.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!   


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My first published novel, Seducing Charlotte, has a new look. Entangled, the publisher of my Accidental Peers series, decided to refresh the cover as it begins to re-release all four of the books. This story — this entire series really — is very close to my heart. These were the first books I wrote and I feel like […]

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