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Hi everyone,

Happy summer! Just in time for that trip to the beach… 

A License to Wed, the second book in my Rebellious  Brides series, is now available.

Here’s the scoop: 

The Rebellious Brides series continues with a sizzling tale of forbidden love between a socialite and a scholar—who might just be an infamous spy.
Lady Elinor Dunsmore made the mistake of falling for her older brother’s best friend, who vanished after a night of unbridled passion. Six years and a lifetime later, their eyes meet across a Paris salon. Her friends and family believe she’s dead, but Elle is very much alive. She’s now associated with a ruthless general, who wants her to seduce the man who broke her heart in order to learn his deepest secrets. Is Will a mild-mannered scholar—or the notorious agent they call The Razor?
The bastard son of an earl and an actress, Will Naismith always knew he was an unsuitable match for Elle Dunsmore, no matter how powerfully he ached for her. And yet he almost allowed his desires to spoil her glittering future. After the agony caused by Elle’s supposed death, Will has devoted himself to the Crown, but his entire life has been leading up to this unexpected reunion. As much as he still wants her, though, he must not succumb to lust once again. For his mission is delicate—and Elle is delectably dangerous.

You can pick up a copy here: 
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Also, don’t forget that Seducing Charlotte, the first book in my Accidental Peers series, is also on sale now for just 99 cents.

This story is about a bookish wallflower who attracts the attention of society’s reigning bachelor, but he soon discovers this plain Jane is hiding an explosive secret. You can buy Seducing Charlotte here.

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